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I see troubling trends developing in this country and fear for its future. This blog is intended to incite others to action.

Memorial Day

I want to take a moment to thank all the men and women who have given so much to defend and continue our freedoms. That includes all military and law enforcement who daily assure our right to live free. Celebrate … Continue reading

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Just a quick break

So I have been moving all weekend and now have to put everything in its proper place. I should be up and running with articles again next week 🙂

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Shot Heard ‘Round The World

April 19, 1775 is a date few Americans remember, though it has such huge importance. Many will recognize the phrase “the shot heard ‘round the world,” which is a reference to that day. Continue reading

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Thoughts and Prayers for Boston

I hope that you will join me in offering thoughts and prayer for the tragedy in Boston. And though we may never understand why these atrocious acts occur, we can help and support those affected. We must also condemn those … Continue reading

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Constitutional Patriots

Truly, what is an extremist? Is it the person who believes in the Constitution and the principles therein? Or is the person who seeks to pervert and defile its meaning and intent? Continue reading

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Back In the U.S.S.A.

Folks have been saying for a while that America is headed in a bad direction. Our society is blinded to the truth of changes in our Government which has steadily chipped away at our freedoms and destabilized our nation. When folks in Russia speak up and call our nation the United Socialist States of America, you know things have gone too far afield. Continue reading

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Droppin Truth Bombz

If you are on Facebook, make sure to go to the Radical Middle page. Also check out one of my friend’s page at Droppin Truth Bombz

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