Fellow Patriots!

IwoJimaMy friends, brothers and sisters, we are embarking on a mission to restore the United States of America to its former glory. I could not be more proud of all the Patriots I have seen flocking together, to stand in unity to defy the tyranny that pours forth from OUR nation’s capitol. Like the legend of the phoenix, we too must rise from the conflagration ignited by the decades of abuses committed by elected officials.

They have labeled many of us “enemy” or “terrorist” for believing in the Constitution; for believing that “We The People” hold sacrosanct the freedoms we have inherited from the first generation of citizens to the last. But we stand on a precipice if we cannot learn to tolerate each other and the views from which we approach this struggle. It is often said that there are two sides to every tale; I say that there are infinite sides. The treacherous people that have taken over our Capitol are like wolves chomping and biting to divide us, to weaken our resolve, and in the end put us under their control.

We all place labels on ourselves and the priority of those labels are how we define ourselves. Can we all agree that we all have a common thread of being Americans? Further, can we put aside those differences to resolve the main goal, which is to bring about the restoration of this nation? Many of us have envisioned what would happen if we do not now take a stand. These side issues would disappear under a dictatorship or authoritarian government. They would simply dictate our freedoms, or lack thereof, exercising whatever they believe good for them.

I am not attempting to discredit any view point when it comes to these differences. But what will we gain if we cannot agree that we must first have a nation in which to exercise our freedoms? How do we profit by being divisive with each other? When we come across issues where opinions are diametrically opposed, may I suggest that we put aside these views so we can maintain a united front? Let us become the rock upon which freedom rests! Brothers and sisters, I stand proudly among you, I beseech you to stand shoulder to shoulder with those that oppose tyranny! Come then, let us reason with each other, stand firm, and show those wolves they have picked the wrong People to suppress!

I do not advocate violence nor atrophy. Your constitutionally guaranteed right to express yourself, assemble, address your grievances are not idle freedoms! The elected officials have brushed us off for far too long. What good is a free voice if it sits behind a mouth clamped shut? What good are our congregations if we sit at home in anonymity? What will these wolves do if you do not declare, in a unified voice, “ENOUGH!” Molon Labe!!!

Your brother and patriot,
Anthony John Wells


About exmaninblues

I see troubling trends developing in this country and fear for its future. This blog is intended to incite others to action.
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