The Buck Stops Here!

Mr. Obama,

buckFour years and counting, you have yet to act as a President should. Holding the office and earning the title are two different things, so you will remain Mr. Obama. Americans’ have many notions of what a President should be, but we resolutely declare that a President is responsible for their actions, omissions, and direction of the nation.

On President Truman’s desk sat a wooden sign stating, “The Buck Stops Here.” The sign boldly claimed responsibility and promised to not “pass the buck.” So here Mr. Obama is a “buck” to remind you of your oath and obligations while we allow you to occupy that office.

Thus far, you have failed to display any semblance of understanding the Constitution or the principles upon which it was built. You are not the first President to shirk the mantle of responsibility, but you are now at the end of a “long train of abuses” that the American people will not longer tolerate.  Mr. Obama, the buck stops here!

You are responsible and accountable for the following, for which the American people demand answers and/or your accountability/responsibility.

  1. Your lack of integrity made plain by every prevarication that falls from your lips. You consistently reverse yourself, yet lie about your previous position. As if we do not have recordings of you. The problem with a liar is they cannot be trusted and they cannot keep all their lies straight. Enough of your barbed tongue.
  2. Your living lavishly at the expense of the taxpayer with more vacations, galas, golf tours, or celebrity bashes than anyone can count. You certainly do not live like an American feeling the worst economy in nearly a century. Enough waste Mr. Obama.
  3. Repudiation of your socialist agenda and return to the principles found in the Constitution which formed this Republic. There are a lot of names for a man who does not have the courage to boldly claim what his beliefs are, I will refrain. You were raised, mentored, educated, and trained your whole life to follow Socialism. Stop hiding behind your skirt, be a man, and admit to it already.
  4. Condemnation of radical Islam and identify its operatives as terrorists or murderers. There are not politically correct terms for these sub-humans. You mock the memories of the fallen by not condemning the terrorists and their malignant cause.
  5. Increased national debt and spending. You blamed Bush for nearly four years for all your woes. Again, get a pair and man up. You wanted the job, however it was left to you. For years you cried about the problems instead of rolling up your sleeves and getting to work.
  6. Joe Biden. It scares me this imbecile is a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Put him somewhere to count pencil erasers so he can stop insulting half of America every time he opens his mouth.
  7. Interfering with the freedoms and rights of States and the People. The Bill of Rights is not a suggestion or malleable document. Under your regime the progressive march to eroding freedom has taken a drastic rise. Whether by design or stupidity, you are pushing Americans into a corner. You do not wish to find out what feral beast will emerge from that corner.
  8. Repeal all Executive Orders which violate any rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights. The office of President is not a legislative one. You hold no title of king, czar, or fuhrer. Your actions are unconstitutional and must be rectified by you or by the People. You choose.
  9. Renunciation and removal of Cabinet, administration, or bureaucratic officials engaged in divisive, political endeavors which are at odds with the directives, oaths, or requirements of their position. For example, you have people like Eric Holder who refuses to do his job and has been accused of suborning justice by dropping cases based solely on the color of the suspect’s skin. That of course makes him a cowardly racist. 
  10. Improving America’s international relations is not to be conducted at the expense of distancing our long-standing allies. You have snubbed our allies at every turn. You are a tactless boor undeserving of your station. 
  11. Removal of all Czars. If these positions are essential to the function of government, then these people must be vetted by Congress. 
  12. Repeal Obamacare. This was a horrible idea and would not work in the best of economies. While everyone is working to bail out a sinking ship, you plan blasts a hole in the side. The Constitution provides for the General Welfare, not the specific welfare of the People.
  13. Repudiation of any proposed treaty, agreement, or accord that do not conform to the Constitution or Bill of Rights of the United States of America.
  14. Independent special council needed to investigate the events, decisions, and activities involved in the embassy attack in Benghazi.
  15. Independent special council needed to investigate the events, decisions, and activities involved in the “Fast and Furious” operation.
  16. Independent special council needed to investigate the events, decisions, and activities involved in the release of thousands of criminal illegal aliens from custody by DHS/ICE.
  17. Independent special council needed to investigate the events, decisions, and activities involved in voter fraud which occurred during the primary and presidential elections of 2008 and 2012.
  18. Independent special council needed to investigate the corrupt practices, dereliction of duty, and any criminal behavior of Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano.

Mr. Obama, you have set yourself on a path which is at odds with many Americans. Your reelection could hardly be called a landslide victory and suspicions of fraud abound. You undoubtedly have many supporters. However, remember that you purchased most of them at the expense of the American taxpayer by offering amnesties, subsidies, or entitlements. Like reeds on the edge of the river, once the water dries up, so do the reeds.

The dollar represents more than the “buck stops here” motto. Someday those that provide the Government with its funding may stop sending more of those dollars. Without funding the Federal Government will shutdown. You are already setting precedence that laws are immaterial to you by offering amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who violated laws just coming here. What could you possibly do to millions of American citizens who decide to stop feeding your addiction to spending our money?

If you like, I will have a “beer summit” with you to explain how things need to change. It will be a lecture not a conversation. And of course, I will bring along my $1.

Anthony J. Wells
Constitutional Patriot

Article published on The Radical Middle, 3/21/2013.


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I see troubling trends developing in this country and fear for its future. This blog is intended to incite others to action.
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