Gang of Eight: We Got This! Okay, Not Exactly

In true political fashion the Gang of Eight are celebrating an agreement on their immigration reform bill. According to the L.A. Times, the group of senators have been collaborating for weeks to find solutions for the immigration problem here in the United States.

On the issues addressed by the bill, Sen. McCain stated, “We’re working through them. I’m not sure we’ll get them all done.” Wait, huh? You cannot get them all done? Sounds a bit like “we have to pass the bill before we know what’s in it” kind of policy. McCain continued, “Some of these issues are very controversial.” Oh, rocket science has us all confused, my apologies Senator!

Lucky for us the celebration was for coming to an agreement on the illegal aliens currently living within the United States. Hmm, something about a cart and a horse comes to mind. Just for fun let’s compare the immigration problem to a broken water pipe in your home.

The water system is broken and between 535 plumbers no one can figure out how to fix the problem. Do you cut off the water entirely? Do you let it flow “as-is” because it wouldn’t be right to meddle with the rights of water to flow where it will? Do you build a better barrier between the broken pipe and the home which you think will slow the flow of water?

All the while the home owner is wondering why the water is flowing. Meanwhile a foreman, who thinks he is a plumber, throws in his own ideas and tells the plumber he will fix the problem if they don’t get cracking. Of course then they must take a break to take stock and pat themselves on the back because their assistants are bailing out teaspoons of water, proof that something is being done.

Just in the nick of time, eight plumbers break off and say, “We got this!” Now the home owner is worried, thinking about those funny home videos where someone was seriously injured after saying, “Hey y’all, watch this!” Sounds about the same, right? After weeks of agreeing to agree to an agreement they lay out all the tools they will need to fix the problem. Great! They can get to work!

Now they just have to decide which tool to start with. Of course…Eureka!!! They decide they must first clean up the flood the broken pipe has caused!!! Brilliant!! No need to start with any of the reasons the pipe broke in the first place, mending the actual crack, nor implementing measures to ensure it will not crack again. Clean up the flooded water, yes, that’s the solution!

But then one of the eight plumbers says that this broken water system is really a huge mess with complex issues involved. He says that they can clean up the flooded water with no problem, but they may not be able to fix the broken pipe. Obviously they either do not care or are too ignorant to consider the flood continues as they bail out the current flood. But hey, they came up with a partial solution and that is monumental with really complex problems.

The best part is, each of these plumbers are getting paid at least $174,000 per year to work out “solutions” like this. Of course this is ridiculous and to all the plumbers or other tradesmen out there, I apologize for using your profession as an analogy. Obviously, none of these louts qualify for more than counting erasers and paperclips. Once again, we have shown that the people least qualified to run a country are indeed running the country.

Everyone do yourselves a favor and send an email to your Congress members and voice your concerns before it is too late! I’m just saying…

published 3/12/2013 by Anthony J. Wells, The Radical Middle


About exmaninblues

I see troubling trends developing in this country and fear for its future. This blog is intended to incite others to action.
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One Response to Gang of Eight: We Got This! Okay, Not Exactly

  1. Michael Hackett says:

    You’ve insulted plumbers by comparing them to senators. Plumbers are hard-working craftsmen who served long training periods, are licensed by the state, maintain liability insurance, and develop positive or negative reputations based solely on their work product and ethics. On the other hand, you have senators who are elected. Seriously, that is a great metaphor to describe the issue.

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