Being President for Dummies

Who could blame me for being underwhelmed by the Obama administration? Now, I’m not suggesting everything Obama does is wrong, I just can’t find anything he’s done right. The economy, border security, oil spill…are all examples of this. This week, a couple things popped up that left me wondering if Obama is reading from Being President for Dummies or if he’s just stuck on stupid. Let’s look at a few of the dumbest things going on right now.

NASA’s New Mission:

Recently, NASA’s director Charles Bolden gave an interview to al-Jazeera; bin Laden’s favorite terrorist rag. In the interview Bolden discussed Obama’s three pronged approach for the new NASA mission.

“One, he wanted me to help re-inspire children to want to get into science and math; he wanted me to expand our international relationships; and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering.” (Washington Examiner)

Okay, I can the first point and somewhat see the importance of point two. But point three is just crazy! Why is NASA being charged with the task to make Muslims feel good about themselves? Not Arabs or Persians, no Muslim. I certainly don’t need NASA going out and thanking all the Christian scientists for their contributions. Besides, isn’t it understood that Muslims and rocketry isn’t a combination we really want? Didn’t we just place sanctions on Iran (a Muslim nation) for their nuclear activities? A component of those sanctions is to limit them from building nuclear-tipped ICBM’s, yeah that’s a rocket.

And since we’re on the topic of Iran, let’s not forget that they are in the news again. Iran, (again a Muslim country, filled with Muslims, who subscribe to Sharia law) has decided they won’t immediately stone a woman to death. A death penalty handed down for alleged adultery, which is always a questionable charge. It could be that she was raped, but that would be considered adultery. Yeah, let’s make sure we glorify Muslim’s contributions, but ignore their barbaric treatment of human beings.

Medicare/Medicaid and Donald Berwick:

So we all know that Obama wants socialized medicine. There are those that recognize Obama Care for what it is, a path and tool to converting our country to socialism. Some of us have also noticed Obama appointing Marxist believers in key government positions. Now enter Donald Berwick, perhaps you haven’t heard of him. Let’s look at a statement Berwick made about health care.

“Any health funding plan that is just, equitable, civilized, and humane must, must redistribute wealth from the richer among us to the poorer and the less fortunate.” (Real Clear Politics)

Months ago Obama announced Berwick as his candidate to head Medicare/Medicaid. Many in the media knew that Berwick would be a hard sale in Congress. Somehow he just didn’t get his paperwork turned in so Congress could conduct the vetting process. As we know, that vetting process is so our “representatives” (I use that term loosely) can approve or deny someone for key government positions. So guess what Obama did? Obama just went ahead and appointed Berwick without Congressional approval.

How did Obama do this? Well, apparently he thinks he is King Obama. Okay, well Obama waited until Congress went on vacation for the 4th of July weekend. Now this isn’t the first time a President has circumvented Congress. But if your excuse was they were unavailable because of a long weekend…that just doesn’t fly. Berwick will be in control of roughly 1/5th of the national budget. I think that earns us, We the People, a say-so in him having a job interview.

DOJ and Eric Holder:

Two things happened with DOJ recently that disturb me. One, DOJ brought suit against Arizona for SB1070. Secondly, we learned that DOJ dropped a case against several Black Panther members. DOJ is led by Attorney General Eric Holder; Obama’s pick to lead the nation on justice. It’s important to remember that Holder was the guy who called Americans “a nation of cowards” when it comes to dealing with racial issues.

When testifying before Congress, Holder stated SB1070 would cause racial profiling. However Holder admitted hadn’t read SB1070…really? You were going before Congress, didn’t you think you should prepare? Joining hands, Obama’s administration spoke out on SB1070 and alleged racial profiling was its fundamental flaw. Now DOJ is suing Arizona and the lawsuit is out and it doesn’t even mention racial profiling. How can they make such insidious accusations but not add it to their lawsuit? It is because they have no legal standing to include it in the lawsuit, SB 1070 prohibits racial profiling.

Under Bush, DOJ was planning on prosecuting a group of Black Panther members for poll tampering. Although, the case was civil, not criminal, DOJ has dropped the case. Last week a DOJ whistle-blower revealed that the case was pristine and essentially won. According to Christian Adams, the case was dropped because of political reasons after Obama appointees took over DOJ. Can you imagine them dropping the case if two guys showed up at a poll in KKK outfits? The clansmen wouldn’t even have to say anything; their mere attire would constitute poll intimidation. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly believe that anyone, whether KKK or Black Panther, should get prosecuted for poll intimidation. There has been a serious breach of public trust in this case.

Facta, non verba


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I see troubling trends developing in this country and fear for its future. This blog is intended to incite others to action.
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