They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. One such paving stone is the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986. At that time, about 3 million illegal aliens were living in the United States. IRCA was a “one time” amnesty act, which granted immunity to various crimes such as illegal entry, illegal residency, and fraud. The idea was to give 3 million people a pass, improve the process of immigration, and strengthen border security. About 2.7 million illegal aliens benefited from this immunity, which does not include family members who eventually were brought over to join these new Americans. Well, like that popular potato chip, politicians can’t have just one!

So enter the 1990s, America seemed to be swimming in cash. Illegal aliens were pouring in at record numbers to reap the bountiful harvest. At the helm was Bill “Intern Magnet” Clinton. Somehow between establishing the new standard for oral interviews and setting in motion the mortgage crisis that led to the 2008 economic disaster, Clinton found time to take care of the illegal alien problem. In 1994 Clinton enacted the first of SIX amnesty bills, resulting in over 3 million illegal aliens receiving immunity. From a “one time” thing, over 6 million illegal aliens were given immunity. And people are scratching their head wondering why illegal aliens are flooding to our country.

Now we are looking at a population of illegal aliens nearing 12 million strong. ObamaPelosi, and Reid (The Unholy Trinity) are all out beating the drum to create a “pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens. Now I don’t claim to be a scholar of any type, but it seems to me there is already a pathway to citizenship. I am the descendant of people who followed the path. In fact, two of them are memorialized on a monument wall at Ellis Island. Yes my friends, that path means standing in line, being approved, and gaining legal entry into this country. But that doesn’t sound like the path they are referring to. Ahh, amnesty is what they mean! I suppose they don’t want to call this sham for what it is…a crock of (insert expletive).

The other progressive elites are adding harmony to the tune with a chorus of “comprehensive immigration reform.” This phrase can only be called nebulous at best. How can something be called comprehensive when politicians can’t even get out the words illegal alien? Undocumented immigrant seems to be the flavor of the month, which really defines their amnesty plan. They should just call them future voters of soon to be legal status.

Look at Jerry Brown, Democrat shoo-in for Governor of California, who is campaigning for “comprehensive immigration reform.” Jerry said the following when talking about current immigration policy, which gives you insight to what his comprehensive plan would entail.

“A third engine of immigration is the expanded free trade – NAFTA – that is inviting tens of thousands of trucks and commodities all across the border. How hypocritical, how fraudulent! You can’t have a 12- lane highway to Mexico and say only trucks and tomatoes and TV sets, but no people! We used to be under a Mexican flag, remember?”

So Jerry, let me see if I understand what you are saying here. 1) Mexico and the US have a trade agreement which promotes economic growth in both countries. 2) Over 160 years ago, much of the American Southwest was once part of Mexico. 3) Because of points 1 and 2 Mexican citizens should be allowed to come into the US unabated and without regard for our immigration laws. Then rewarded by giving them a pathway to citizenship? Is this your comprehensive immigration reform? And people wonder why moving out of California is part of my 5 year plan?

I have always been a big fan of Ronald Reagan, but IRCA is something he got wrong. In any society we must decide what is and is not acceptable behavior. Thou shalt not murder is pretty easy to agree with. But in a world with so many people we must have codified laws, and those laws must be enforced. Especially with our immigration laws that determine how many people enter and the quality of those people. We can’t have nomadic tribes migrating here to graze on greenbacks. Given the number of laws illegal aliens break by circumventing our laws, amnesty can only be viewed as a sham, thus Shamnesty.

To close, I would like to make a prediction; one which I hope does not come true. Amnesty is coming real soon and it is hinged on Arizona. I am looking at the timing of this issue and wondering when Obama, Pelosi, and Reid will pull the trigger. We already know they support amnesty and are willing to force unsupported laws upon us (Health Care Reform anyone?). The question is when it will occur? With Eric Holder now moving to sue Arizona over SB 1070, I envision one of two things happening.

  • US DOJ files for an injunction to prevent SB 1070 from becoming active on July 28, 2010. The law then gets tied up in the courts for a lengthy period and Amnesty may occur at a politically expedient time, say around election time to garner more votes.


  • SB 1070 becomes effective on July 28, 2010 and the Unholy Trinity waves their magic wand. Millions who would have been affected by SB 1070 are able to obtain documentation, thereby defeating SB 1070.

I don’t like the idea of making predictions; they have a tendency of making the author look foolish. Again, I hope neither scenario comes to fruition, but this administration and congress are just goofy enough to do something like this.


Scientia est potentia


About exmaninblues

I see troubling trends developing in this country and fear for its future. This blog is intended to incite others to action.
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2 Responses to SHAMnesty

  1. Idebenone says:

    The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) estimates that in January of 2000 there were 7 million illegal aliens living in the United States, a number that is growing by half a million a year. Thus, the illegal-alien population in 2003 stands at least 8 million. Included in this estimate are approximately 78,000 illegal aliens from countries who are of special concern in the war on terror. It is important to note that the 500,000 annual increase is the net growth in the illegal-alien population (new illegal immigration minus deaths, legalizations, and out-migration). In 1999 for example, the INS estimates that 968,000 new illegal aliens settled in the U.S. This number was offset by 210,000 illegal aliens who either died or returned home on their own, 63,000 who were removed by the INS, and 183,000 illegal aliens who were given green cards as part of the normal “legal” immigration process. One of the most important findings of the INS report is the intimate link between legal and illegal immigration. The INS estimates that it gave out 1.5 million green cards to illegal aliens in the 1990s. This was not due to amnesty legislation, but rather reflects how the legal immigration process embraces illegal immigration and encourages it through legal exemptions. According to the INS, only 412,000 illegal aliens were removed during the decade.

    • exmaninblues says:

      The legal immigration route is a lengthy process with set limits for new applicants. Simply put, a line out the front door means people want to sneak in the back. The main thrust of this article is to demonstrate that amnesty encourages growth in illegal alien populations. Further, lack of enforcement through sanctuary cities/states, and the DOJ fighting AZ’s SB 1070, provide encouragement for the illegal alien population.

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