Badges? They Don’t Need No Stinking Badges

Most have heard the proverb; people in glass houses should not throw rocks. It would seem Mexican President Calderon has not heard this before. On his recent visit to Washington DC, President Calderon made the circuit speaking out against Arizona’s immigration law (SB 1070). The chief complaint from these dim bulbs opposing this law is law enforcement conducting racial profiling. Would someone please get the air freshener? This argument continues to stink up the debate.

For its part, Mexico has issued a travel advisory for Mexican citizens wanting to visit Arizona. Calderon also brought up “Mexican consumption” in Arizona is roughly 3 billion dollars a year, implying economic hardships are ahead for Arizona. So here’s a guy complaining about American law enforcement and fears that they do not have the integrity to enforce this law with impartiality and fairness. He is concerned that cops will racially profile while enforcing this law? Really? Is that because Mexican police are role models for all other law enforcement to emulate?

Having grown up on the border with Mexico, I have spent a lot of time in Mexico, so I have some experience with Mexican police “integrity”, or lack thereof. My friends and I have encountered Mexican police many times and had to pay the “mordida”, the Mexican equivalent of a bribe. It’s well known that you want to be extra cautious around Christmas time, because presents don’t get under the tree by themselves.

When it comes to why a person has been stopped, there are many reasons, but seldom are they valid. As an example, I was once stopped because I supposedly didn’t stop at a stop sign. When the officer pointed to the intersection in question, I informed him there was no stop sign. The officer acknowledged there was no stop sign NOW, but there used to be one there, so I was required to stop. I could write a book filled with similar stories. The fact is there is a reason everyone thinks Mexican cops are corrupt…because they are.

However, one can expect Mexican police enforce the law equally among the races, right? I’m sure they never look at the color of someone’s skin and see dollar signs! Oh wait, that’s precisely what they do. Of my friends, the Latino ones usually got a pass. More often than not, it is the lighter skinned folks who got stopped and had to pay out a bribe. So who is racially profiling? Maybe President Calderon can clean up his own back yard before he starts lending a hand in ours.

Now let’s examine the American side of things. What of these allegations that racial profiling will run rampant in the streets? President Obama and his administration are out there now beating the bushes on this issue. I believe every cop in America should condemn Obama due to his position on law enforcement. Not only does he have little faith in America’s law enforcement, but to do so with the president of a country whose law enforcement is a joke, well, that’s just outrageous. Obama is revealing his stance on law enforcement slowly but surely, and that stance is not good.

Obama recently spoke of wanting a “civilian national security force.” What exactly is that? Isn’t that what our law enforcement officers do? Who was it that recently dealt with the Times Square bomber? Or the South African woman with ties to terrorism found in Texas? By the way, she entered the country illegally in the same manner as those illegal aliens who “are just coming to find a better life.” There are many more published stories just like these, and many more we never heard of. I for one am grateful for the job our law enforcement officers do every day to protect us. But it seems Obama isn’t.

Being a retired police officer I am well aware of the standards and training involved in becoming a law enforcement officer. I am also aware of the high caliber of officer departments strive to recruit. Now, I will acknowledge that some bad apples have made their way into the bunch. It happens and it makes all the good cops shake their heads in disappointment and anger. However, there is nowhere near the level of corruption in American law enforcement that takes place in Mexico.

It is offensive to suggest that the officers here in the United States are guilty of something before anything has occurred. All the opponents are assuming that officers are incapable of adhering to the law and enforcing it equally. The statistics show that officer are not running afoul of civil rights (more on that later). This just shows the idiocy of the accusers and how misguided their ideas are of law enforcement.

Apparently, “innocent until proven guilty” does not apply to law enforcement officers. Obama proved this in an incident involving his friend Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Obama admitted he wasn’t there and didn’t know the details of the case, but said officers “acted stupidly.” Here is the President of the United States condemning police officers without knowing a thing about the incident. Well, I guess he did know his friend was involved and his friend couldn’t possibly have attributed to the officers’ response. Right? That sounds like a logical conclusion. Let’s review the logic, Obama wasn’t there and doesn’t know what happened. He says cops “acted stupidly.” Well, I’m afraid the only one looking stupid in this is you Barry.

Obama went on to say, “Separate and apart from this incident is that there’s a long history in this country of African-American and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately” and  “that’s just a fact.” There are a lot of problems with this statement. Foremost is Obama’s openly anti-law enforcement stance. That should concern any American. He exposes himself with this statement. If this “fact” (which I dispute) is “separate and apart from this incident,” why is he including it into the statement? It sounds like someone fomenting racial divisiveness. Remember that Obama didn’t know the circumstances surrounding the incident, but by adding this statement he brings racial profiling into the discussion. Just because the parties involved happen to be of different races, does not automatically make racial profiling an issue. By including the “fact” above, he made sure to let everyone know this was his opinion on the matter.

Lastly, to glean an understanding of his attitude toward law enforcement, let’s look at the “fact” Obama uses. In June 2006, the Bureau of Justice Statistics issued a report analyzing stops made by law enforcement in 2002. Since Obama’s statement deals with “African-American and Latinos”, we will examine the statistics for Whites, Blacks, and Latinos. The analysis was derived from over 16 million stops that year. Of those 16 million stops, the racial demographics broke down this way; 76.5% White, 11% Black, 9.5% Hispanic.

To further understand the statistic above, you must understand the racial demographics of America. You must ask what are the racial proportions of our population. According to the 2000 Census, our country is comprised as follows; White 69.1%, Black 12.9%, and Hispanic/Latino 12.5%. Wow, that’s pretty much in line with the proportion of those stopped by police. So where is the huge disparity that is “just a fact?” Can’t see where “African-American and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately”? As a matter of fact, it would seem the statistics show law enforcement officers are applying the law and making stops proportional to the demographics of the nation. But hey, I guess facts and truth are inconvenient. Sorry Barry, lying isn’t helping your agenda.

If we want to explore further, I suppose we could find some disproportionate numbers in the statistics. The statistics from the Census include LEGAL residents. If you included the estimates of the ILLEGAL population we would have to reconsider whether Latinos are stopped proportionately less than other populations.


As an American, I am not overly affected by what President Calderon has to say, the hypocrisy almost makes his position laughable. In my opinion he is trying to protect one of Mexico’s largest imports…US currency. The fact remains that every year illegal aliens export hundreds of billions of dollars to Mexico. If we can get a handle on the illegal alien problem, it would spell disaster for an already broken nation and its economy. So Felipe, go fix your government and your corrupt law enforcement before you come talk to me about what you think will happen with mine when Arizona’s law becomes active. Not that you have a place at the table to begin with, remember we are a sovereign nation.

What really infuriates me is our American leaders. Their stand on this issue shows them for what they really are…un-American. We need to take back the country from these country club liberals who are giving away our inheritance. They are doing their best to bankrupt our nation. The best defense is to educate yourself. Remember that these politicians are stewards, placed there by us. I hope everyone remembers this when we vote.

This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day. We honor those who paid so dearly a price for our freedoms and the idea of what this nation should be. Honor them by remembering their sacrifice to protect our inheritance. Don’t let Obama and his cabal give that away. Please join me in thanking and honoring men and women currently serving here and abroad. We truly appreciate all that you are doing for us.


veni, vidi, vici


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I see troubling trends developing in this country and fear for its future. This blog is intended to incite others to action.
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One Response to Badges? They Don’t Need No Stinking Badges

  1. AikiMike says:

    One of my favorites lines from Hollywood! Uttered by Alfonso Bedoya, those words will always resonate with me. A San Francisco TV personality, Al Collins, had a morning show that played host to almost every celebrity and politician in the nation back in the sixties. Each had to don a sombrero and recite the “Al Collins Bandido Pledge” of “Badges? We ain’t got no badges. We don’t got to show no stinkin’ badges!” My favorite of all time was Mayor Sam Yorty of LA.

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